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I have been working on a series about some of what sights the beautiful Yuba River has to offer. Thought I would share one.

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Davide Individual Film – Alpe D’huez

Nice video. Makes me want to Skiing!

Davide Desimone

… And finally the mobile video everybody was waiting for!

For this video, a group of friends and I went on the University Ski trip to Alpe D’huez in France. We went with a GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition and GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition. I also used footage from my years in Colorado, where I was working at Winter Park Resort.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

Catherine Cowdrey

The Grand Budapest Hotel

I recently took a trip to the cinema to see Wes Anderson’s latest film,  The Grand Budapest Hotel. I’d been looking forward to seeing it since seeing the trailer and hearing fantastic reviews from critics and friends alike. It looked it would be all of the things I like – an opulent period setting, a story revolving around a murder (what? I’ve read a lot of Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie and unabashedly enjoy what ITV 3 has to offer in the way of detective dramas), and some great visuals. And you know what? The film definitely did not disappoint, in fact, I think it was better than I had anticipated.

The story was great, with fantastic pacing meaning there was never a dull moment. Anderson cleverly managed to tap into comedy caper films of the 1930’s, the era where the main action is set. Anytime the grandeur…

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Colour Grading “Continuum”

Alex (whose face will feature heavily in this post) and I wrote and filmed “Continuum” for a uni assignment back at the start of the year. Watch it here (this version is not the same grade as will be described below):

Originally, it was shot with the intention of being black and white, but I decided to play around with the footage much later in DaVinci Resolve. I took an early shot from the film and started to play around with it. Continue reading

Mobile Filmmaking

University has introduced me to many things, filmmaking especially.

The most unexpected thing I got introduced to was mobile filmmaking.

Before starting the Social Technologies module this semester, I had a sour opinion of mobile films and mobile photography. After getting used to the results from my DSLR, I could pick out a photo taken on a phone almost every time. I didn’t think it had much of a place in “proper” photography because, quite frankly, it didn’t look nearly as good in a technical sense.

Waiting at the bus stop. Incredibly late for a uni thing. Whoops.

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However, mobile filmmaking and photography isn’t about the quality of the file, lens quality or low light performance. It’s a different way of thinking entirely. Even though quality does still come into it, mobile filmmaking is all about the content. I’ll keep updating this blog post with the films I create over the course of the module. Continue reading

Filming Ice Hockey

“Ice Rinks are so cold. Why am I surprised by that?”, was my first thought upon stepping into Altrincham Ice Dome.

Last Sunday (9th), I helped Tom Deegan, Sports Editor for Quays TV News, film the Manchester Minatours Vs Whitley Warriors Ice Hockey game with Alex Arditti who is a fellow blogger and uni colleague. Check out Alex’s most recent post about his favourite documentaries.

Filming ice hockey in Altrincham

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