Filming Ice Hockey

“Ice Rinks are so cold. Why am I surprised by that?”, was my first thought upon stepping into Altrincham Ice Dome.

Last Sunday (9th), I helped Tom Deegan, Sports Editor for Quays TV News, film the Manchester Minatours Vs Whitley Warriors Ice Hockey game with Alex Arditti who is a fellow blogger and uni colleague. Check out Alex’s most recent post about his favourite documentaries.

Filming ice hockey in Altrincham

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This was the first time I’d ever shot a sports event. Ice Hockey was quite the introduction! It is incredibly fast paced, keeping up with the puck is difficult. You have to be 100% focussed so you don’t lose track of it. Despite the speed of play, we managed to follow the action and ended up with excellent footage.


We had three Sony EX1 cameras,  one in the centre as a wide shot and one camera at each end of the rink, pointing diagonally at opposing ends.

Ice Rink Diagram

Both of us struggled to capture much at the far ends on the inner edge due to the barrier of the stands getting into the shot. The cameras needed to be higher, but there wasn’t a place to station the cameras much higher. Some experimenting will have to be done next time (this Saturday, in fact).

As the match progressed I felt myself getting better at following the puck. Simple things like not zooming in as much make it much easier to follow. I also found that it helped a huge amount to frequently glance at the match and back to the monitor. By doing this you can see which players are likely to receive a pass or where they’re going to move to next.


This was also the first time I’d edited sports as well as editing multiple camera footage. So far I’ve done single camera narrative edits which are vastly different.


Tom wanted a highlight package that showed the main events of the game. So Alex and I went through the footage and selected the goals, which turned out to be a bit of a headache working out which goal was scored at which end! We also included a pretty serious injury and some of the more interesting attempts and challenges. Next time I would like to try the vision mixing/multi-cam editing feature in Premiere Pro.

Tom suggested we try some slow motion, or at least pseudo slow motion, after each goal and on the injury. I created some space in the timeline, then duplicated the clip of one of the goals and slowed it down to 33%.

To make it look a professional program, I thought about what I’d seen on TV, programmes like Match of the Day on the BBC. What was missing from our edit was a score card. So I created one in Premiere Pro’s (surprisingly good) title creator. I used two boxes, coloured them each to the respective team colours, added a black stroke around the edge. I slanted the text to make it look more “sporty”.


To keep the score updating, I duplicated the title clip every time there was a goal and changed the value. You can see that in the screenshot of the edit video further up.

The edit was almost finished but Tom thought it needed a soundtrack, which it absolutely did. The built in microphones on the cameras aren’t great, so the audio wasn’t up to par. I suggested a song of my own. The one from my 24 Frames 24 Hours video. You can listen to it here:

Tom liked it and that’s what we ended up using.

I enjoyed filming and editing the ice hockey immensely. It is great fun, difficult but rewarding. I never thought I’d like working with sport so much.


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