Rapatronic Camera: An Atomic Blast in 3 Shots


atom3 .

This is a photo of an atomic bomb milliseconds after detonation, shot by Harold β€˜Doc’ Edgerton in 1952 through his Rapatronic (Rapid Action Electronic) Camera.Β 

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The Photography Show

This past Saturday I attended The Photography Show with my Dad. It was a great experience.

The Photography Show is hosted at Birmingham’s NEC. Many big name brands such as Canon, Nikon and Samsung set up shop to show off their latest technology, gadgets and products. Alongside the big names were a variety of businesses showing their wares, ranging from wedding books, picture frames, canvas prints, DIY toy cameras, studio backdrops (of all shapes and sizes), printing paper, handmade vintage brass lenses and giant monopod-esque poles that almost reached the ceiling!

This is my first photography event. Never before have I seen so many photographers in one place. Massive lenses and lens hoods as far as the eye could see. There I was with my little Yashica.

Image of Yashica Minister III

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